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Benefits of Getting LASIK surgery

LASIK laser vision correction has changed the lives of millions of Americans. While there are several types, it is LASIK that is the most well-known. LASIK works by reshaping the front part of the eye, called the cornea so that light is refracted correctly by the eyes, leading to clear vision. It’s no surprise that the main reason why people choose to undergo LASIK is to be able to see clearly without needing to rely on glasses or contact lenses for their day-to-day vision. However, that’s far from the only advantage of getting laser eye surgery. In fact, there are lots of unexpected benefits associated with getting LASIK surgery. Let’s explore some of them.



Save Money


For many people, the cost of LASIK is fairly daunting, and let’s face it, at between $1500-$3000 per eye on average, it’s definitely more expensive than your glasses or contact lenses would usually cost you in a year. However, as a long-term investment in your vision, LASIK may actually save you money. This is because, over the course of a lifetime, the cost of glasses frames, prescription lenses and lens coatings, or contact lenses, eye drops, and cleaning fluid will quickly mount up. In fact, it’s not unusual for someone to spend between $300-$1000 per year on their vision. If you spend an average of $500 per year on prescription eyewear, after a decade you will have already spent $5k – and not even had the convenience of being free from glasses or contact lenses. 



Fewer Eye Allergies


Many people suffer from eye allergies. These occur when your body perceives a normally harmless substance as being dangerous and sets off defenses against it. It’s these defenses that cause the symptoms of allergies, including redness, inflammation, itchiness, excessive watering, and more. Wearing glasses and contact lenses can actually make allergy symptoms worse. This is because allergens can attach themselves to glasses lenses and frames and pass into your eyes, or because touching your eyes to place or remove contact lenses can transfer allergens directly to your eyes. Studies into LASIK have shown that patients who undergo laser vision correction typically suffer less from their allergies after their procedure. 



Better Night Vision


Lots of people notice that their ability to see well at night deteriorates as they get older. Sometimes this is made much worse by wearing glasses, since the lenses reflect lights, causing glare and other complications that make it harder to see well in darker or dusky conditions. If you’ve had LASIK however, you’ll be able to see clearly without wearing glasses, eliminating this problem!


Enjoy the Sports you Love


There’s no getting around the fact that wearing glasses is difficult or even impossible in some sports. And while contact lenses provide an alternative, they aren’t right for everyone and they still aren’t suitable to be worn in every sport – for example, swimming. When you get LASIK laser eye surgery, you can forget about having to make compromises about the activities you enjoy. You’ll be able to see clearly whether you are running, climbing, diving, playing ball, or anything else. 



Overall Greater Convenience


Glasses and contact lenses may be effective, but very often actually wearing them and taking care of them can be fiddly, time-consuming, and just not convenient. You might forget to take your glasses out with you or leave them behind somewhere. You could find handling contact lenses fiddly and awkward. Whatever frustrations you may be experiencing, LASIK could eliminate them all so that you can shift your focus to the most important thing of all – living your life without compromise.




If you would like to know more about the benefits of getting LASIK surgery, or if you are looking for a LASIK surgeon in Port St Lucie or Stuart, we would be delighted to help. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.  

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