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How do we handle Cataract treatment?

At Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center, our doctors will expertly evaluate you, and develop a plan on treating the condition. The surgery removes the cloudy lens and replaces that lens with a polymeric lens called an interocular lens (IOL) implant.

Dr. Fier as the Medical Director of the practice has performed over 30,000 surgeries and developed a process to diagnose, evaluate, and then use computers to statistically monitor results to give the patient the best possible results.

Dr. Seith and Dr. Palmer will use their experience and exemplary surgical skills within this process to deliver an outcome That will meet or exceed the patient's expectation.

Once you have come to a mutual decision to have cataract surgery performed you will work with a full-time surgical coordinator that will manage your scheduling through the various steps in a friendly compassionate way. The coordinator will schedule each step to make it as convenient as possible and will answer any of the patient’s questions on pre-op or post-op medications, as well as costs to the patient. The procedure has become a painless surgery often lasting less than 15 minutes with a short recovery time usually resulting in excellent vision.

What is a Cataract?

A cataract is clouding the lens of the eye, which impedes the passage of light. Most cataracts are related to aging, although occasionally children may be born with the condition, or cataracts may develop after an injury, inflammation, or disease.

Risk factors for age-related cataracts include diabetes, prolonged exposure to sunlight, tobacco use, and alcohol drinking. Vision can be restored by surgically removing the affected lens, and replacing it with an artificial one.

Cataract Surgery FAQ

At Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center​​​​​​​, we are committed to providing high-quality eye care in Treasure Coast. We use state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to provide services such as cataract surgery, medical and cosmetic treatments.
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