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Corneal Disorders

How do we handle Corneal Disorders?


As a corneal external disease fellowship-trained specialist, Dr. Carrie Palmer will be able to diagnose and treat all corneal disorders. She is highly trained in full-thickness and partial-thickness (DSEK) corneal transplants along with corneal surface laser procedures in order to help those patients with poor vision or pain due to corneal disease.

She also has expertise in treating external growths or lesions such as pterygia. When performing corneal/ external disease procedures, Dr. Palmer uses the latest techniques in order to gain the most optimal outcome for the patient.

What are Corneal Disorders?

The cornea is basically a window into the eye. It aids in focusing light rays onto the retina to allow us to see things clearly. Any diseases of the cornea may cause a decrease in visual acuity. The cornea also contains many nerve endings, so injuries or diseases of the cornea may result in discomfort or pain.

Corneal disorders include, but are not limited to corneal dystrophies, corneal degenerations, inflammation, and infection. Many corneal disorders can be controlled or healed with eye drops.

More advanced disorders may require procedures using lasers or surgery such as corneal transplantation for visual recovery.

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