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Do I Have Cataracts?

Cataracts are a relatively common eye condition that occurs when the eye lens becomes cloudy. The cloudy patches occur over time, growing bigger and causing blurry or misty vision. Cataracts can develop in the center, on the sides, or at the back of the eye lens. 

Cataracts can develop in one eye or both, and they do not always develop at the same time. If they are not treated, cataracts can lead to vision loss. There are ways to find out if you have cataracts. 


Cloudy Vision


Are you experiencing cloudy vision? One of the main symptoms of cataracts is cloudy vision. Things begin to appear blurry, and the world looks more like a painting. The blurriness increases over time, and everything seems dim and cloudy. 


If you have cataracts in the center of the eye lens or nuclear cataracts, you may experience a brief vision improvement. This condition is known as “second sight.”


Difficulty With Night Vision


If driving at night has become difficult, you may have cataracts. Over time, cataracts darken and get a brown or yellow tinge. This condition affects night vision, and being out at night becomes more difficult. People with cataracts need to avoid driving or performing other activities at night. The vision is compromised, increasing the risk of getting accidents. 


Light Sensitivity


A common symptom of cataracts is light sensitivity. If you have been experiencing glare from bright lights, you could have the condition. Glare can be especially painful for those who have posterior subcapsular cataracts. These are the types of cataracts that develop at the back of the lens. They block the light path, often interfering with reading vision. 


Halos Round Light Sources


If you see halos around light sources, you could have cataracts. Clouding of the eye lens causes diffraction of the light entering the eye. This can cause the appearance of halos or rings around the lights. The rings appear in several colors, making it difficult to drive and perform other tasks. Driving where there are streetlights can become very dangerous. 


Needing Stronger Glasses


If you find that you frequently need to get a stronger lens prescription, it could be due to cataracts. Simply getting new stronger glasses or contacts may not solve your problem. If your eyesight is rapidly becoming worse, visit your eye doctor. An eye exam will help determine if you have cataracts or any other eye condition that requires early treatment. 


Difficulty Differentiating Colors


As cataracts grow, the protein clumps may turn yellowish or brownish. This happens because the light entering the eye develops a yellow tint. This will change the way you see colors and affects your ability to differentiate between them. Corrective surgery will help you see the colors as they are. 


Another sign that you may have cataracts is double vision. Fortunately, treating cataracts is effective. In the early stages of cataracts, the eye doctor can prescribe stronger eyeglasses to manage the condition. If cataracts affect your ability to function in your daily life, the doctor may recommend surgery. Cataract surgery is simple and effective, and it has a high success rate. 


To find out if you have cataracts, visit Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center at our office in Port Saint Lucie or Stuart, Florida. You can call 772-400-2400 or 772-286-0007 today to schedule an appointment. 

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