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iLink™ Corneal Cross-linking FAQ

People with keratoconus suffer from poorly focused and blurry vision due to their irregular and cone-shaped cornea. Fortunately, corneal linking helps stabilize and stop the condition from worsening. It uses ultraviolet A or UVA light plus unique vitamin eye drops in the treatment.



Is Blurred Vision Something to Worry About After the Procedure?



Do not worry about your sight being blurry in the first weeks following the procedure. Use Hyabak® drops to improve focus and smooth your cornea surface. The more you use in the first weeks, the faster your vision improves.



Is It Okay to Rub Your Eyes After the Procedure?



Do not rub, touch, or disturb your eyes or the cornea in any way after the procedure. Your eye specialist can recommend special drops if your eyes feel uncomfortable. Stay away from smoky or dusty environments for the first two weeks following the procedure to avoid getting something in your eyes.



Is Travelling or Driving Okay?



Avoid taking long-haul flights for the first week following your treatment. Arrange to have a drive on the day of the procedure to ensure you get back home safely. You can resume driving after your vision meets the driving standards.



Can One Shower After a Corneal Cross-linking?



You can take a bath or shower following the procedure if you want. However, avoid getting water in your treated eyes until you go for your first follow-up appointment after a week and your doctor says it is okay to wet your eyes. Avoid swimming in chlorinated water for the first month after the surgery. You can resume noncontact sports after the first week of your treatment.



Is Exercising Okay After the Procedure?



Avoid aerobics and running during the first week to prevent injury or drops of sweat from getting into your eyes.



Can One Use Makeup Immediately After the Procedure?



Avoid wearing makeup for the first week following the procedure because removing it can be challenging. Ensure you avoid disturbing your cornea when its surface heals.



How Long Will the Procedure Take?



The procedure can take up to 90 minutes. Your specialist will advise you to get to the office early enough, like two hours before, for proper planning. You will also have to review recovery instructions before you get back home.



What Can a Patient Expect After the Procedure?



It is vital to avoid eye rubbing for the first and second week after the treatment. You may notice light sensitivity, slight discomfort, or a sensation like the treated eye has a foreign body.


You are not supposed to experience pain as the procedure goes on. However, the immediate recovery period is likely to have some discomfort and pain. Your specialist will place a bandage contact lens to help reduce the distress and pain. They may also prescribe painkillers if over-the-counter pain pills are not as effective.



How Much Time Off Work Will Be Necessary?



Doctors recommend resuming work once you feel comfortable. Most patients need about one week or longer to stay off work after the procedure. Ensure you use eye drops as your specialist instructs to ensure an optimum outcome.


You may experience vision fluctuations for about a month. As a result, you may have some mild headaches. Keep your eyes moist by using artificial tears during the first weeks following the procedure, after every one to two hours when reading or using a computer. Avoid starting the symptoms by taking frequent breaks if you use the computer a lot.


For more about link corneal cross-linking FAQ, visit Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center at our Stuart or Saint Lucie, Florida office. Call 772-286-0007 or 772-400-2400 to schedule an appointment today.

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