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Is My Lifestyle Compatible With LASIK?

Eyeglasses and contact lenses play a vital role in helping with vision correction. However, they can be inconvenient, or you may prefer a solution that does not involve being dependent on them. Have you ever had to fog off your eyeglasses after sipping some hot tea or tried to wear your contact lens and lost it in the drain of your sink? If anything of that nature has ever happened to you, you understand the frustration.


For such reasons, most people correct their eyesight through laser vision correction like LASIK. But before going for this option, find out if your lifestyle is compatible with the procedure. Read on to learn more.






LASIK is the best solution for athletes as it eliminates the need for prescription goggles, sunglasses, and glasses. You also do not need to wear contact lenses as they can inconvenience you with the dirt, water, and sweat associated with some sports. 

Athletes benefit from LASIK. They can purchase necessary eyewear to enhance their performance without vision correction. The race can still carry on if the eyewear breaks during the competition.


LASIK helps golfers with the vision they require to see naturally. Tiger Woods is an example of a golfer who benefits from the procedure. Various sports, like baseball, require optimal depth perception and clear vision. The surgery gives a competitive edge to athletes.

Athletes who play contact sports like boxing will need to be especially cautious during the initial healing stages of the treatment. 



Extreme Weather Conditions



LASIK may be the ideal solution if you live in extreme weather conditions and need vision correction. The procedure has advantages over wearing eyeglasses. Eyeglasses can impact your safety and vision clarity as they can fog when the weather is extreme. 


LASIK also makes it safer and easier where there is water. It reduces your risk for infection when contact lenses get water.



Busy Schedule 



People living busy lives can benefit from LASIK as a vision correction option for the same day. Recovery is painless, and the period is short. You will experience a drastic improvement in your vision within a day or so. As a result, you can resume your busy lifestyle faster due to the minimal downtime.



Uncontrolled Autoimmune Diseases or Diabetes



Your lifestyle changes impact the condition of some diseases you may have and how you will recover from LASIK surgery. Uncontrolled conditions like diabetes increase your risk for corneal infections and meting increases. As a result, your eye specialist may defer any form of eye surgery that is not urgent.



Active Lifestyle 



LASIK is among the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States. It began more than two decades ago. Since then, over 20 million American citizens can see without prescription glasses or contact lenses. It is popular among people who live active lifestyles, like servicemen/women and pilots.


Individuals like pilots could not get the surgery in the past due to potential complications. But with technological advancements, the risks associated with LASIK for pilots are reduced. 


For more about LASIK, visit Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center at our Stuart or Saint Lucie, Florida office. Call 772-286-0007 or 772-400-2400 to schedule an appointment today.

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