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What Are the Advantages of LASIK Eye Surgery?

If you have a refractive error, especially myopia, you know what it feels like not to see well. You probably remember the first time you got your eyeglasses. It must have been incredible. Arguably, you cannot miss what you do not have, which is the case for vision. Another key moment you may have experienced was when you first got your contacts. The field of vision and clarity is fantastic.


Now, imagine the clarity of vision from contacts and the freedom of moving around without worrying about a lens slipping. You can have this through a third option for vision correction if you have myopia: LASIK eye surgery. If you think you were excited with the improvements in eyeglasses and contacts, wait until you can see without needing any of them. 



What Is the Cornea?



A clear, dome-shaped outer layer called the cornea covers the eye. It offers defense against pathogens, debris, and filth. Additionally, it is a window for the light that enters and focuses through our eyes.


The cornea's curved form refracts light when it enters our eyes. There are additional factors that can impair vision. However, the cornea's shape is frequently significant for eyesight.



What Is LASIK Eye Surgery?



Doctors use a laser to create a tiny incision along the cornea's surface during LASIK. The incision creates a flap over the cornea. They lift this flap after the incision and reshape the cornea with a second laser. It enables the retina, located in the rear of the eye, to receive better illumination from the cornea.


One's dependence on contacts and eyewear decreases after LASIK surgery. This surgery might not give you 20/20 vision, though many patients get there. Others even manage 20/15 vision or better.


The LASIK procedure is not flawless. About two out of three LASIK patients require glasses or contacts occasionally. 



Advantages of LASIK Eye Surgery



Fast Recovery



Corneal tissue recovers quickly. Your vision will improve within hours, and you can return to your regular schedule after 24 hours. While you might first suffer discomfort, dryness, and fluctuating vision, they go away within the first week. Your eyes will fully recover in three months, despite no precise recovery period.


Patients who have LASIK report great visual results and very few postoperative problems. It is encouraging that the entire operation is completed quickly and that recovery time is low.



Quick and Painless



LASIK is an outpatient operation, so you will leave for home in about two hours. Consider asking for a moderate sedative if you are starting to feel anxious. Your surgeon will implant numbing eye drops before the treatment to ensure you do not experience any pain. You could feel a little pressure when the surgeon makes the corneal flap, but you should not experience any pain.



Saves Money



Contact solutions, lenses, and eyeglasses can get expensive over time. Even the infrequent visit to the eye doctor can be costly. You will save money with LASIK eventually since it significantly reduces or even eliminates the need for eyewear.


For more on the advantages of LASIK eye surgery, visit Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center at our office in Port Saint Lucie or Stuart, Florida. Call (772) 400-2400 or 772-286-0007 to book an appointment today.

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