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Who Is Not Suitable for LASIK?

LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis) is a type of refractive surgery that can correct specific vision problems. Eight out of 10 individuals who have undergone this procedure end up not needing contact lenses or glasses toimprove their eyesight. But despite its good track record, the surgery is not for everybody.


What Can Disqualify You for LASIK?

Several factors and circumstances would prevent a patient from getting LASIK eye surgery.

Here are some of them:


Presbyopia is a form of farsightedness in adults. The cause is the hardening of the eye’s lens, which happens as a person ages. While it is also considered a refractive error, a problem that refractive surgeries address, it cannot be treated by LASIK. The procedure works by reshaping the cornea, a part of the eye affected by a refractive error.


Thin Corneas

A thin cornea is one of the reasons you may be rejected for LASIK. If your cornea does not reach the average corneal thickness of 495–600, it won’t hold its shape following the procedure.


Age Below 18

For patients to qualify for LASIK, they should have stable vision. The eyes of children and teens are still developing and changing. Even if the surgery successfully corrects their vision problem the first time, there’s a chance they'll need more surgery later as their vision changes.


Poor Eye Health

Certain eye conditions may lead to poor surgical results or complications. It includes eye diseases that cause corneal thinning, eyelid disorders, dry eyes, large pupils, glaucoma, and cataracts. Your eye doctor may also not recommend LASIK if you have infections or inflammations affecting your eye.

Chronic Health Conditions

Aside from eye problems, specific health conditions can also prevent you from qualifying for LASIK. Conditions include those that affect your immune system, like rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. You will also not be permitted to get LASIK if you have uncontrolled diabetes.


When Is LASIK Not for You?

In addition to the circumstances and factors above, LASIK may not be for you if:


  • You are not ready to take a risk. Most LASIK surgeries are successful, with patients enjoying their restored vision. But it does not mean the procedure does not carry any risk at all. It does, and it includes certain complications like eye infections and eye discomfort. If you cannot take risks, it is best not to get LASIK.

  • You have insurance but do not have enough cash. Most medical insurance does not cover the cost of LASIK surgery. If you do not have thousands of dollars, acquiring the treatment may be difficult.

  • You join contact sports. People who undergo LASIK surgery need to prevent their eyes from getting hit to avoid any possible complications. But with contact sports like boxing and wrestling, it is just impossible.

Do all the factors and circumstances on the list apply to you? Even if it does, still talk to your ophthalmologist. LASIK may not be for you, but eye doctors will surely find a treatment that fits your requirements and condition. You will also find help choosing glasses or contact lenses, medical devices that could help treat refractive errors.

For more information on LASIK, visit Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center offices in Port St. Lucie or Stuart, Florida. To book an appointment, call 772-400-2400 or 772-286-0007.

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