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Droopy Eyelid Treatment

An Eye Surgeon Can Treat Droopy Eyelid

A droopy eyelid can make you unhappy with the way you look, and in some cases even interfere with your vision. Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center has offices in Stuart and Port St. Lucie, FL, and Dr. Palmer is experienced in cosmetic eye surgery that enables you to look your best and see clearly.

What Is Ptosis

Ptosis, commonly called droopy eyelid, happens when there’s a weakness in the muscle that elevates the eyelid. This condition can exist from childhood or might appear later in life. It affects one eyelid or both. Sometimes it’s more pronounced in one eye than the other so that the eyelids droop to different heights.

It can directly interfere with vision, and it may cause indirect problems in several ways. Pressure on the front of the eye can cause astigmatism with refractive error and distortion. If the eyelid droops far enough, a person might start to assume an unnatural head and neck position to see past it. And, of course, many people aren’t happy with the way their face looks when their eyelids droop.

An ophthalmologist will evaluate ptosis and determine if corrective surgery is in order, and, if so, which procedure. They’ll conduct an eye exam considering factors such as health history, head position, eyelid position, and vision assessment.

What Are the Treatments for Droopy Eyelid?

At Fier Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center, Dr. Palmer performs cosmetic eyelid surgery regularly. She does several procedures and will work with you to select the best option.

  • Ptosis repair is a quick and safe method of cosmetic eye surgery for droopy eye treatment. It can involve tightening the muscles or making an attachment to a muscle.

  • Upper blepharoplasty is a procedure that tightens the upper eyelids and restores a youthful look.

  • Lower blepharoplasty is performed on the lower eyelid. It takes care of droopy skin and removes excess bags.

  • Entropion and ectropion repair are treatments that correct the way the eyelids are folded. If the eyelids are folding improperly, it can make the eyelashes rub against the cornea and cause discomfort in the eyes.

Find Out If Cosmetic Eye Surgery Is Right for You

At Fier Fier Eye Care & Surgery Center, Dr. Palmer will examine your eyes and discuss all of the options with you. We don’t pressure you to have a procedure, instead, we discuss all the benefits and risks so we can make an informed decision together. If you’ve been wanting to do something about droopy eyelids, call our Stuart office at 772-286-0007 or our Port St. Lucie location at 7724002400, or use our online appointment form.

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